What is it?

An Amazon audit is a service whereby an experienced agent or agency, such as ourselves, performs a variety of checks within multiple areas of your Amazon account and/or product listing detail pages. An audit provides you with a detailed breakdown of things in the front end (sales copy, visual content, etc) alongside an inspection of the backend via the Amazon Seller Central or Seller Central Vendor console.

Why is it important?

Listing audits are a great way to quickly find out if the quality of your account and current product listing are in good or bad shape. Depending on your account size, it can be a little more affordable than having each and every listing fully optimised, as an audit will give you actionable steps that you can complete from with your own business channel. 

Our Services

Full Amazon Account Audit

An Account Audit Contains a Full Breakdown of: 

  • Your Seller Central Account
  • Your Product Detail Pages
  • Your Creative Assets (inc. Video)
  • Your Reviews
  • Your Amazon Presence
  • An Amazon Ads Account Audit
  • Actionable Steps for You to Take

Amazon Ads Account Audit

An Amazon Ads Audit Contains a Full Breakdown of: 

  • ASIN Specific Keyword Research
  • ASIN Report
  • Ad Type Breakdown
  • Campaign Breakdown
  • Past Performance Overview
  • Full Summary (inc. Missed Opportunities)
  • Actionable Steps for You to Take

We also offer customised account audits too, as we always aim to cater to your individual needs and budget.