Listing Optimisation & Set up

What is it?

Setting up your Amazon listing is the process of correctly adding your product or products to Amazon’s catalogue via Amazon Seller Central or Vendor Central platform, with the intent of marketing it to Amazon’s huge customer base.

Listing optimisation, also known as ad copy optimisation, is the process of upgrading the SEO and language used within the customer facing product detail page, as well as in the entry fields within the back-end of Amazons Seller Central or Vendor Central console. The ultimate goal is to improve your product’s visibility, which will usually lead to more impressions, higher click-through rate (CTR) and even an improved conversion rate (CR) too. It also ensures that you are being indexed for the correct keyword terms that are relevant to your product.

Why is it important?

Amazon has become super competitive and if you want your product to be seen (traffic) then you need to have a properly optimised listing. A fully optimised listing will help you increase traffic as well as conversion, which are the two most important metrics when your goal is to drive more sales. Amazon sales = Traffic x Conversion.

Roughly 80% of all Amazon shopper clicks happen on the first page of Amazon and around 60% of those clicks happen on the first three ranked positions (including sponsored ads), which proves that you can have the best product in the world but if the majority of shoppers don’t see it, then you aren’t going to sell it.

Amazon constantly strives to position the highest converting and most relevant products in front of its shoppers in order to create a better shopping experience. By incorporating the correct shopper language (search terms) into your listing you will be able to increase your products visibility and relevance on Amazon.

Our Services

Keyword Research

Utilising an array of manual and SEO tool extraction techniques, our keyword research pulls data from multiple sources in order to give you a comprehensive list of keywords that you can utilise in your Amazon ad copy and advertising campaigns.

This way, you can be sure that you’re targeting the right keywords, and getting the most out of your marketing efforts!

Competitor Research

Looking to go that extra mile and outrank your competitors? First, you need to know who they are and what they are doing. 

Whether you’re launching a new product on Amazon or just looking to understand your competition better, we’ve got you covered. Get a full  breakdown of your most relevant competitors, as well insight into how you can outperform them using data driven decisions.

Listing Optimisation

Want a fully optimised listing done for you without all the headaches? No problem. This one is our specialty.

After working with you to understand your product, brand and tone of voice, we’ll start some specific research of our own. Keyword, competitor and category research is included with this offering, alongside a well written, benefit driven and Amazon compliant listing. This is not your typical listing optimisation service, which is why it isn’t cheap.

Keyword Translation

Google translate just doesn’t cut it for the serious Amazon Seller that’s looking to expand into those non native English speaking countries like Germany, France, Italy or Spain.

We’ve partnered with one of the best Amazon specific translation services in the industry to offer you this service at a discounted rate. So regardless of where you are looking to sell your products, we can help you make them stand in a way that the locals will love. 

Is there an Amazon service here that you don’t see? If so, there is a good chance that we’ve either done it before or know someone who does it really well. 

Just Contact Us and we will always point you in the right direction (Free of Charge) if we can’t do it ourselves.